How Hair Care Technology Inspired Our Latest Skin Care Innovation

How Hair Care Technology Inspired Our Latest Skin Care Innovation

Inspiration often comes from unlikely places. For our latest Ella Baché innovation, we’ve borrowed technology from the hair care industry to inform our new skin saviour: Hydra Cationic Skin Elixir.

Cationic polymers are widely used in hair care products as clever conditioning agents that have the ability to attach to damaged hair proteins and deposit active ingredients where they’re need most. They not only nourish the cells but also create a smooth, protective texture that locks in moisture and prevents dehydration.

True Alchemy

Inspired by this cationic chemistry, our Ella Baché R&D team discovered that these particular polymers have a similar impact on skin. When incorporated into a facial moisturiser, they work synergistically with other ingredients to instantly rehydrate, refine, and revitalize the skin’s texture. It’s not only given a significant moisture boost but also has an instant smoothing and filling effect, thanks to the interactions between the key ingredients and the keratin in the epidermis.




Keeping Great Company

As in life, it’s all about the company you keep. In creating this new treatment elixir, we’ve boosted the powers of cationic innovation by introducing micro-encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid and Polarised Thermal Spring Water Liposomes to saturate skin cells with moisture — and hold it there for extended hydration. We’ve also included Omegas 6 and 9 from Apple Seed Oil to fortify the skin’s barrier and prevent further moisture loss.

100% of users who tried it said their skin felt smoother to touch.*



The People's Choice

Of course, it’s not just about what’s going on underneath the skin’s surface that counts; it’s also about how your skin looks and feels. Here’s what a clinical study* of Hydra Cationic Skin Elixir revealed:

100% of users who tried it said their skin felt smoother to touch.

After 28 days, 100% of users felt their skin had experienced a hydration boost, with up to a 51% lift in hydration levels.

90% of users said they would replace their usual cream with Hydra Cationic Skin Elixir.

Hydra Cationic Skin Elixir is a new-generation treatment elixir that visibly transforms your complexion; natural radiance is restored while the skin’s texture feels soft, smooth, and renewed. You can wear it as a daily moisturiser, before foundation as a skin-perfecting primer, or thickly layered as a rejuvenating mask. It can also be used as an intensive, 28-day dehydration treatment when applied daily over Hydra Hyaluronic Cellular Serum.

It’s a true multi-tasker.

Sold out

*Clinical study under dermatological control on 20 volunteers (33-53 years old) presenting initially dehydration signs (weak hydration level verified instrumentally, dehydration fine lines, dry skin texture) having applied twice a day for 28 days Hydra Cationic Skin Elixir Hydrating efficacy evaluated by corneometry after 28 days of use (average results: +24% skin hydration). Self-assessment questionnaire regarding the efficacy of the product right after 1st use, after 7 days of use, and by 20 volunteers after 28 days of use.


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