Seasonal Spring Skin

Seasonal Spring Skin

Spring is just around the corner, and whilst we are all cheering for long balmy days spent outdoors, it has us realising that it is time to hit reset on our skincare routines.

Whilst we are all looking forward to warmer days and longer nights, we are not fooled that this change in season may bring havoc to our skin. So, to beat our complexion at its own game we have rounded up three rejuvenating rituals that will have you and your skin feeling revitalised and radiant.


Yes, you read that right, its time to head into salon and treat yourself to a result driven facial, not only will this re-set your skin and leave you primed and glowing, but it will also allow the therapist to perform an in-depth skin consultation, whilst mapping out the perfect spring skincare solution for you.

At Ella Bache our aim is to educate you, our clients, on individually tailored solutions based on our in-depth knowledge of the skin and its functions. To ensure you are enjoying your very best complexion we recommend getting seasonal skin consultations throughout the year.



Whilst this is something that needs to be maintained all year round, it is imperative for your complexion to always ensure that you apply SPF, giving yourself protection against UVA and UVB rays, whilst fighting the effects of premature ageing, dark spots, and pigmentation.

The good news? Gone are the days where sun care products simply provide SPF. Today, we offer a whole range of sun protection, blended with unique antioxidants and hydration loving ingredients, so whether it’s a full coverage face foundation, an emollient day cream, or an active 50+ for the body, we guarantee to have the perfect SPF for your specific skin and lifestyle needs.




Not only does this fall into the #selfcare category, it also smoothes out limbs, whilst ultimately hydrating, leaving those pins denim short ready. Finding hard-working body care products can be a dime in a dozen, but trust us, spend 5 minutes each morning (and, or) night and let the results speak for themselves. We recommend our tried and tested, Ella BachéGentle Enzyme Smoothing Body Exfoliant, blended with Papain Enzyme it gently, yet efficiently removes dull, rough skin cells, revealing a brightened and smoothed skin surface.

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