Everything you need to know about the latest in superfood skincare.

Introducing you to SpirulinesLift, a Firming Eye Cream and Intensive Firming Serum that is formulated with the perfect integration of superfood and micronutrients. Uniquely formulated to address and support the first signs of biological ageing whilst reducing fine lines this supercharged range is quickly becoming one of the greatest anti-ageing skincare solutions in the market.

Now, you may be asking what sets these products apart from the rest, and the response is simple. The proof is in the pudding, and in this case that’s the ingredients.

Ladies, let us introduce you to the life changing constituents that is Spirulina, Maca, and Hyaluronic Acid.

The ingredients that pack a punch.

Spirulina: Rich in 220 life-essential elements, it boasts an excellent nutritious profile alongside skin-recharging and anti-ageing Antioxidants, Minerals and Vitamins E and B.

Maca: Designed to stimulate collagen synthesis and fight free radical damage, Maca Root Powder is blended with high levels of Vitamin C and is rich in Essential Minerals, Fatty Acids, and Amino Acids.

Hyaluronic Acid: Moisture binding, Hyaluronic Acid attracts water to the skin, acting as a super hydrator whilst strengthening your complexions natural moisture barrier. Not only providing amazing moisturising capabilities, but also plumping and smoothing the skin.

“A powerful combination of key ingredients featured across the SpirulinesLift Range sees skin that is infused with essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals, protecting skin from daily environmental aggressors, whilst supporting the complexions natural biological ageing process” – Says Gina Cook, Ella Baché National Training Manager


The products that promise to deliver more than just smooth skin.

Focused exclusively on firming, protecting, and smoothing the Ella Baché SpirulinesLift Range is designed to support the complexion by providing superior free-radical and pollution protection day to day.

SpriulinesLift Firming Eye Cream combines a multi targeted approach to treating and preventing the biological signs of ageing, whilst helping to deliver regenerative, firming, and hydrating results to the delicate skin around the eye contour area.

And the best bit?

The new Ella Baché SpirulinesLift Firming Eye Cream comes with its own silver tipped applicator, specifically designed for the eye, this ensures the product is easily smoothed on with precision – working simultaneously to stimulate circulation and remove puffiness.

SpirulinesLift Intensive Firming Serum is a high-powered, luxurious, anti-ageing serum that targets the biological signs of ageing. With its unique ability to absorb into the deepest layers of the skin, this powerhouse product is your first step at combatting fine lines and loss of elasticity. 

So, if advanced anti-ageing skincare is your game, then simply add to cart, and thank us later!

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