The Biggest Misconception About Oily Skin

The Biggest Misconception About Oily Skin

We all know that dry skins need moisture. And so it’s easy to assume that oily skins need the opposite; which is why many people who experience excess oil or shine (either daily or during the summer months) skip moisturiser in an effort to calm and control their skin.

While it makes sense in theory, in reality it only aggravates the problem. When the skin is starved of moisture, oil production can go into overdrive, producing even more sebum (oil). And as the surface skin is dehydrated, oil can become trapped underneath it and can clog pores, heighten congestion and breakouts, and even cause sensitivity.




It's all about balance.

All skins, and especially oilier types, must have their needs for moisture and their oil production kept in perfect balance. In order to prevent dehydration, you need a lightweight moisturiser that will hydrate but also regulate oil production (without stripping the skin of its natural oils).

Our new Hydra Jelly Moisture Shot is the latest addition to the Hydra range and is a proven 24-hour dehydration fighter that suits all skins. It helps to stabilise natural oil flow and regulate dehydration with slow-release moisture.





90% of users claimed their skin was moisturised, comfortable and visibly plump.*

The perfect combination.

We’ve employed the skin-hydrating synergy of fruit and legume extracts in Hydra Jelly Moisture Shot.

Watermelon Rind Extract

Delivers antioxidant-rich (Lycopene, Vitamin C and A) hydration and combats pollution damage.

Apple Peel Extract

Boosts moisture efficacy and Lentil is rich in regenerating B5 for added smoothing and hydrating benefits.

Nato Gum

Produced by the fermentation of Soy, it is blended with Hyaluronic Acid, the combination of which boosts the ability to bind and hold water in the skin over an extended period, delivering exceptional smoothing properties.


One for all.

The innovative texture of Hydra Jelly Moisture Shot morphs into water when it hits the skin, immediately refreshing it with intense hydration. Especially ideal for oily or combination skins, it’s also perfected suited to dry or normal types as an instant moisture boost to balance and restore hydration levels, keeping skin looking fresh, smooth, and naturally radiant.

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*Clinical study under dermatological control on 20 volunteers (33-53 years old) presenting initially dehydration signs (weak hydration level verified instrumentally, dehydration fine lines, dry skin texture) having applied twice a day for 28 days Hydra Cationic Skin Elixir Hydrating efficacy evaluated by corneometry after 28 days of use (average results: +24% skin hydration). Self-assessment questionnaire regarding the efficacy of the product right after 1st use, after 7 days of use, and by 20 volunteers after 28 days of use.


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