The Supercharged Actives You Need to Know

The Supercharged Actives You Need to Know

In some cases, it really is all about who you know. So yes, it’s time to name drop and to get familiar with a few firmed famous faces we in the industry know as “active ingredients”. To know them is to love them, so sit tight and take note as we decode the ingredient directory and introduce you to the supercharged actives you simply need to know.

Product politics can be a confusing gig with so many active ingredients fighting for top spot as the superhero amid our most famed formulations. But, we’ve done the hard work reviewing each and the results are in on which ingredients walk the walk, delve the deepest and glow the greatest.

Now there is an endless list of cutting edge ingredients in each of our products and while we have called out several extra special superheros, every hero needs a reliable sidekick to sustain them - so in the words of Sia remember that; “even Superwoman sometimes needed Superman’s soul”.

So, let’s get started:

Ideal for refining skin texture, softening lines, improving skin tone and regulating hyperpigmentation - too good to be true right? Alpha Hydroxy Acids have an automatic exfoliation action to resurface skin by dissolving intercellular build up. With cellular turnover to an all time high, lacklustre, pigmented, lined and heavily pored skins are positively restored, smooth and radiant thanks to the brightening power of fruit acids.

Australian Kakadu Plum
An Australian native botanical that thrives in the harshest of climates from which it forms its resilience. Present in its purest form, Kakadu Plum helps to desensitise environmentally stressed skin and re-energise skin cells. As a powerful source of collagen stimulating Vitamin C, skin is supported, plump and notably bright as can be.

White Tomato with Colourless Carotenoids
A naturally potent antioxidant and brightening booster, discovered and patented exclusively by Ella Baché labs. This powerful active both inhibits the process of hyperpigmentation and neutralises free radicals in one fell swoop. Rich in colourless carotenoids to promote photoabsorption and an even skin tone, the complexion is left clear and more unified than ever before. Every glow-girls dream.

Unlike other automatic exfoliants, papain - a pineapple derivative - has an enzymatic action with focus on digesting the keratin protein to dramatically retexturise and enliven skin. Present in conjunction with Hyaluronic Acid for hydration, papain is among the most sophisticated resurfacing and illuminating actives available.

Also known as Vitamin B, renowned for its smoothing properties, but most impressively its ability to enhance the performance of other active ingredients. An ultra-compatible active that made our shortlist for its incredibly stimulating effect on other actives, in particular Vitamin C. With the presence of Niacinamide, you can expect to see amplified results from vitamin C that is responsible for stimulating collagen production, neutralising free radicals and evening skin tone.

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