Meet our 2022 National Gold Ella Award winner, Nat from Ella Baché Daly

Meet our 2022 National Gold Ella Award winner, Nat from Ella Baché Daly

We sit down with Natalia Leis, owner of Ella Baché Dalby and our 2022 National Gold Ella award winner to talk the business of beauty, her career journey and the one product she can’t live without.


1. Where did you start your career in Beauty?

Early on, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in beauty. I studied a Diploma of Beauty in Queensland.

2. What made you take the leap to move and open an Ella Baché salon?

Once I completed my Diploma, I went on to work at Ella Baché Dalby for 7 years, followed by 2 years at Ella Baché Toowoomba. When the opportunity to purchase the Ella Baché Dalby franchise presented itself, I grabbed it with both hands. I love the brand and culture but most of all the clientele, they were like my second family, and I couldn’t wait to return home to them.

3. What does owning Ella Baché Dalby mean to you?

To put it simply, I bought myself the best job in the world!I am a part of something that is so much more than just a business. Not only is the team and clients a second family but the brand is as well. We share moments of joy, laughter, support, and encouragement.

It’s like being a custodian of the salon, that is years of therapist’s dedication and hard work and the legacy of a woman, Ella Baché, who’s knowledge of the skin and skincare still lives through our proven, amazing products.  

4. How does the Ella Baché brand support your business to continue to grow?

  • On-going support on promotions, marketing, growth opportunities, daily running issues through our Business Development Manager’s and Head office.
  • State trainers maintain and provide our team with superior knowledge and treatment levels.
  • Product innovations, always keeping up to date with advancements on product technologies, never allowing our products or treatments to become dated or stale.
  • Monthly promotions for clients and therapists rewarding everyone for their on-ging loyalty

5. What goals have you achieved since being a franchise?

That’s a hard one to list but put it this way – there have been many achievements made both personally and professionally since getting into the business of beauty.

6. Describe how it feels to develop a loyal customer base?

Our loyal customer base feels like a big family that is always there to support you, as well as giving you a huge sense of accomplishment. Our clients continue to return as they achieve the results they wantand the service level is second to none. It feels special and a privilege to help my customers feel their very best about themselves. Selfishly (but in a good way), it’s a two-way street, when clients feel great with the outcome you have achieved for them, you feel great too.

7. Favourite memory of being within the Ella Baché network?

There are so many memories but winning this year’s Gold Ella was something that I thought was far beyond me, such an emotional but great night. I am very proud of what our little salon and team, individually and together have accomplished.

8. Best advice for someone looking to buy a franchisee?

Do it, you won’t regret it - it’s owning and running your own business independently but with a strong and experienced support structure around you. You will never feel isolated or alone, there is always someone with you on your journey.

9. Your current go to Ella Baché product and treatment?

My go-to is the Radiance Eye treatment- what girl doesn’t want to look like they’ve had 8 hours of rest? In just 15 minutes that is what this treatment will deliver.It should come with a warning ‘totally addictive!’

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