Combating Sensitive Skin - Way To Keep Your Skin In Check This Winter

Combating Sensitive Skin - Way To Keep Your Skin In Check This Winter
With winter comes cooler temperatures and a drop in humidity. In this cooler transition we often get a rosy flush to our cheeks which admittedly we’re into at the beginning, but more often than not that rosy flush will turn to dry, inflamed and blotchy skin.

When the temperature drops we are mindful to wrap our body up protecting it from those winter chills. Our face on the other hand cops a full frontal of cold air on a daily basis and it is incredibly important to consider how you’re protecting your skin. Even if you think you’re not prone to sensitivity, your current routine may need to be tailored to the season, and perhaps your diet.

Incorporate Foods to Reduce Redness

An increase in dark red and orange fruits and vegetables such as pumpkins, carrots and tomatoes are high in vitamin A, an antioxidant that helps the body shed old skin cells and produce new ones all the while protecting the regenerated cells from environmental damage. Foods that are also high in vitamin C such as broccoli, sweet potato and oranges in turn will build collagen, the main component of the skin.

Note: Tumeric works wonders on sensitive skin as it has very potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Tailor Your Skincare Routine

If you find your skin is becoming increasingly dry and chapped it may be time to have your skin re-diagnosed by your therapist. With a range of classics that are designed to maintain your skins hydration levels they will also protect your complexion during the cooler months.

Skin expert Hayley Fahd recommends adding in a moisture rich cleanser and skin booster to your existing routine.

“If your skin is feeling dry and scaly, look for an intensive rescue treatment like Huile Intex, it will assist in soothing your sensitive skin and will alleviate flakiness and dryness. This product is ideal for sensitive, irritated and dehydrated skins. Use as a booster and apply to your existing moistursier. it will see your skin soothed and protected while the air remains dry.”

When looking for a cleanser during the cooler months, opt for a milk cleanser as it is extra nourishing and will rehydrate the skin. Cleansing needs to be a thorough yet gentle affair so choosing the correct one at anytime stage of the season is imperative, Ella Baché Crème Douce Demaquillant is a comforting rinse off cream cleaner, enriched with macadamia nut oil, apricot kernel oil and sweet almond oil. it will strengthen the skins natural protection barrier while sweeping away make-up and impurities.

The perfect combination of warm winter clothes and a nourishing skincare routine will see your complexion glowing all year round. And be mindful to switch your skincare to suit the season, you change up your wardrobe so why not your regime!

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