Ella Baché Launches #IWillBeMe

Ella Baché launch #IWillBeMe, encouraging Australians to find confidence in their own skin. Through our 28-Day SkinFit Program, #IWillBeMe is focused on empowering women to love and display their whole selves. We believe it’s not just about how you show your skin; it’s what you do in it that matters. Every Australian is unique and beautiful in their own way which is why we’re encouraging Aussies to take part in #IWillBeMe campaign.

Did you know that it takes 28 days for your skin cells to rejuvenate? With this being the foundation of our SkinFit program we focus on women taking the challenge, encouraging inner and outer health!

To support the campaign a series of strong and independent women have been enlisted as the faces of the brand. Together, these Australian beauties signify the underlying themes of Ella Baché, championing self-acceptance and a celebration of skin.

Each of these girls has faced their own challenges and continue to strive, carving their way in the world of arts and fashion, whilst at the same time finding confidence in their own skin, this is something to us as a brand that is incredibly important. We wanted to send the message out that it’s not all skin deep – it’s not only how you feel about your skin but what you do in it that matters.

When chatting with actor Madeleine Madden one of our brand ambassadors on #IWillBeMe;

“It is quite exciting for me to not only be known as just an actor but also to be involved in these kinds of campaigns, and especially special because it is about empowering women.”

Madeleine is best known for her roles Ready for This and the critically acclaimed Redfern Now. She started acting at just 8 years old and has recently joined acting series Picnic at Hanging Rock; Madeleine has been incredibly raw and honest throughout her career.

Thanks to Zoe Cross her charming good looks sparkling charisma caught our eye – growing up on the beach she describes herself as ‘bogan chic’…. And trust us ladies if that’s what bogan chic looks like, sign us up!

When asking Zoe what #IWillBeMe means to her? It was a simple answer and one that resonated with us a brand “Embrace the skin you’re in, because there’s nothing worse than blending in”

And finally the ever beautiful Arabella Peterson co-founder of The Ladies Network, a multi-platform agency for female indentifying and gender fluid creative’s. A network that organizes events to support and recongise the creative contribution of women in the areas of art, music and design.

What does #IWillBeMe mean to Arabella? “Right now I'm more comfortable in my own skin than I've ever been. Above everything else, what I can achieve in the skin I'm in is what gives me confidence. But when it comes to my skin, being authentic is embracing what is unique, looking after myself and not sweating the small stuff.”

So what does #IWillBeMe mean to you?

We encourage you to look further than your complexion, what empowers you and gives you confidence? Share it with us on your Instagram using the hash tag #IWillBeMe

Spread the message and the glowing skin!

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