How Well Do You Know Your Skin?

How Well Do You Know Your Skin?
What Your Skin Says About You

Your skin says more about you than you may know.

A spot, a freckle, a shadowed gaze, all speak louder than words when it comes to skin-talk. It’s translating and understanding the unique characteristics that make up your skin specifically that can be the tricky part, you can do this through an Ella Baché complimentary skin diagnosis service with expert therapists available to prescribe individualised solutions that are designed to address your special needs.


Have you ever considered what your skin is trying to say about what's happening inside your body? Lifestyle factors such as diet, stress, medication and hormones are all significant factors that contribute to skin health. A local breakout, inflammation or flaking may be a ‘call for help’ from deep within where you may be experiencing an imbalance. Hormones are key influencers often expressing themselves through the skin as inflammatory conditions during times of significant life change such as puberty in men and women, and more exclusively in women during pregnancy and menopause.

Outside, your skin must contend with harsh environmental aggressors such as wind, air-conditioning and UV exposure - a primary cause of premature ageing globally. Fortunately our skin is naturally pre-programmed to protect itself from internal and external aggressors that threaten to disrupt the protective film that coats the surface known as the acid mantle.

Over time however, this delicate layer may become susceptible to breakdown leaving skin vulnerable to free radical damage that can lead to advanced ageing. The good news is, we can absolutely take steps to treat signs of premature ageing and prevent further damage through amended lifestyle choices and the proper skincare.

How to respond

Do your skin a favour and offer some positive reinforcement through routine to protect and stabilise pH levels for a healthy complexion. It is highly recommended to use a makeup remover such as Ella Baché Eye & Lip Cleanser prior to cleansing to effectively dissolve persistent, cosmetic build-up ahead of your key regime. Restoring balance revolves around the perfect cleanser that will ideally lift impurities and regulate oil flow without disrupting barrier functioning. Follow with a weight-specific moisturiser to sit in harmony with the skin for a comfortable wear and protection against the elements.

For specific concerns, Ella Baché offer a range of sophisticated skin solutions that are carefully engineered to address and correct misbehaving skin.

Above all else, protect the skin you’re in with Australia’s leading results-driven suncare range featuring advanced ingredient technology and a powerful blend of antioxidants that promise superior defence against harmful UV rays and free radical damage. Our Sunguard 40 foundation with broad spectrum protection and an opaque finish ideal for concealing imperfections and improving overall skin tone.

Find out more about what your skin says about you and changes you can make to improve your skin health with one of our industry leading beauty therapists with a complimentary skin diagnosis.

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