Beauty sleep is something everybody looks forward to on a daily basis, but do you ever find yourself wondering why it’s called beauty sleep when majority of the time you look like you have just jumped out of an airplane? Believe it or not there is a valid reason for this common occurrence and as much as we like to think we put the beauty regime to rest when we sleep, you’re so very wrong! Our slumber hours are oh so precious and so is that clear glowing complexion, if you’re willing to put the hard yards in at night then read on as Ella Baché HQ have looked into the vital steps you need to follow on a nightly basis.

Cleanse Every Night

The most important pre-slumber ritual needs to be hitting that pillowcase with a clean face, cleansing will wash away the daily grind, refreshing your pores and minimising the risk of those pesky blemishes. Ella Baché recommends cleansing twice in the evening, the first will assist in removing make-up and grime and the second will regulate oil flow and balance your skin. Madame Baché, the passion behind the brand stated -

“I have always considered the skin like the most delicate of silks which must be cleansed without harm”

Apply a Moisture Rich Serum

Just about everything in the daily grind of life can leave skin looking a bit dull and dry, using ingredients your skin will recognise can go a long way to keep skin looking fresh and healthy. A moisture rich serum containing Hyaluronic Acid will plump and intensely moisturise the skin while you’re sleeping...Talk about multitasking!

Invest in a Satin/Silk Pillowcase

Ever woken up and wondered what happened to your hair during those 8 hours of blissful slumber? If this is something you experience then it’s time to swap your cotton case for a silky new one! The soft suppleness of a silk pillowcase is gentle on the hair, minimising tangles and breakages while soft on the skin. They don’t draw moisture from the skin like a standard pillow case, a win/win situation!

And there we have it, a few simple tips and tricks to make that beautiful sleep just that tiniest bit better!

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