Transforming Passion into industry success

Transforming Passion into industry success

In the bustling town of Tamworth, you will find a franchisee owner with a deep love for skin and beauty. Meet Karina, a dedicated beauty entrepreneur whose passion has been the driving force behind the success of owning not just one but two Ella Baché salons.

Love for Skin and Beauty

"I have always loved pleasing people and making them feel good about themselves, so the beauty industry is the best way to do that. I have loved learning about the skin and being able to help clients learn to love the skin they are in," Karina shares, reflecting the essence of Ella Baché's commitment to enhancing natural beauty and self-confidence.

Karina’s skins story

Embarking on her beauty journey in her late 30s, Karina discovered her passion for the skin after a long-desired dream became a reality. "It was something I had wanted to do for a long time, but the Diploma was never offered in the area I lived," she confesses, showcasing the resilience and determination that define the spirit of Ella Baché entrepreneurs.

The Birth of Salon Dreams

After two years of dedicated work at Ella Baché Tamworth, Karina took a bold step—offering to buy the salon. Little did she imagine that this courageous move would lead to opening another salon in Gunnedah seven years later.

Attracted to Ella Baché’s Franchise Offering

Karina shared the three crucial aspects that allowed to confidently partner with Ella Baché:

  • A Big Family Feeling: "The way they make you feel like part of a big family."
  • Brand Recognition: "The brand name is well known with beautiful treatments and products."
  • Support and Training: "The constant support and training offered."

Setting Up the Dream Salon

With support and help at every step, the process of setting up the salon was both a thrilling and challenging journey for Karina. It was scary and, at times, stressful, but knowing there was always ongoing support, from the design and building process to the grand launch, provided her with the reassurance and confidence needed to turn her vision into a reality. The collaborative efforts and unwavering assistance throughout every phase of the salon's creation showcased the true strength of the Ella Baché network.

A Peek Into the Salons

Both Tamworth and Gunnedah salons boast four cubicles and a tan room, housing highly skilled therapists trained in Ella Baché treatments and products.

In true partnership

"Head office provides a wonderful support network that helps in any area needed," Karina shares. The constant training, marketing material, and friendly communication define the strong bond with the Ella Baché network.

"Since opening the Tamworth salon, I have become more confident in myself, I love what I do, and I have been able to achieve opening another new salon," she proudly declares.

The Lifestyle Afforded by Ella Baché Ownership

"There is a type of flexibility that you can have owning your own salon. If you have great staff, you are able to work the days and times you want to a certain degree," she reveals, shedding light on the lifestyle benefits of owning an Ella Baché salon.

Advice for Aspiring Salon Entrepreneurs

"Look into what is involved to do it all yourself and what support networks you have to help," she wisely advises, drawing from her own experiences.

What’s Next for Ella Baché Tamworth and Gunnedah?

"Offering the best treatments and products to our new and existing clients while still being able to learn constantly along the way," she concludes, painting a picture of a future filled with continuous growth and excellence.

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