Energising creme masque

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Energising Crème Masque

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A rejuvenating, rich and creamy mask.  It alleviates dehydration and restores essential moisture to dry skin with the added benefit of improving fine lines and elasticity.  Ideal for fragile or mature skin.
May be used around the eye area, lips, neck, décolleté and backs of hands

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Ingredient Benefits
Grapeseed OilRich in vitamins, minerals and lioleic acid. Also lubricating and effective in providing skin nourishment
Sodium PCAAmino acid derivative with superior moisture-binding capabilities that helps prevent moisture loss
SqualaneAn olive oil derivative that boosts the skin’s hydration. Also moisturising, softening and prevents dryness
Yeast ExtractImproves elasticity, reduces fine lines and water loss
How to use MASK: Energising Crème Masque - Apply a thick even amount with a mask brush or your fingertips, including the eye, lips and neck. Allow 10-15 minutes to dry. Remove using a warm, damp compress or sponge.
dehydrated skin
delicate, visible capillaries
dry skin
lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness
premature ageing, fine lines


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