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Hydra-Revitalising Crème de la Crème

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A rich, ultra-comforting and plumping moisturising cream that guards against environmental conditions to protect dry skin from dehydration.  It will dramatically improve the skin's texture, smooth fine dehydration lines and have it glowing with vitality. Ideal for dry skins.

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Ingredient Benefits
HydralineImitates the action of the skin's natural moisturising factor by binding moisture in the skin. Restores and protects the skin's natural moisture barrier.
Hyraluronic Grape Flower EssenceHydrates, plumps and smoothes. Reduces moisture loss and increases skin elasticity
Jojoba OilHeals, reinforces epidermal function and restores clarity
Lipidic PatchRepairs the intercellular cement to strengthen skin and limit excess evaporation of moisture from the skin
NymbulineRepairs skin's natural moisture barrier, increasing the skin's capacity to hold moisture
Sesame Seed OilMoisturises, protects and prevents further moisture loss
Shea ButterAnti-inflammatory, restores skin elasticity and softens skin. Moisturises and protects by preventing moisture loss. Also improves the appearance of dry, dehydrated skin
SqualaneAn olive oil derivative that boosts the skin’s hydration. Also moisturising, softening and prevents dryness
Vitamin EA powerful antioxidant that protects against free radicals
Wheat Germ OilAntioxidant rich in vitamins A, D & E that heals, strengthen and nourishes skin. Also moisturises, prevents further moisture loss, restores skin's dewy complexion and elasticity
How to use MOISTURISER: Hydra-Revitalising Crème de la Crème - Blend a pearl size amount between your fingertips and pat onto face. Apply morning and evening.
dehydrated skin


Splash+of+WaterHydrating Skin Solution

Hydrating Skin Solution aims to address the most common skin condition among all skin types, dehydration.

Hydra Cellular Renewal Facial Treatment

Treatment Time: 1hr 15 mins

An intensely moisturising facial treatment that saturates dehydrated and extremely dry skins with hyaluronic acid to visibly refine and revive skin texture.

Immerse yourself in a specialised massage prescribed according to your skin condition finishing with the Extreme Regeneration Mask for an ultra-hydrated, instantly brighter complexion that is smoothed, regaining its tone.

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At Ella Baché, we’re strong believers in the philosophy that 'no two skins are alike'. This means your skin has its own set of characteristics and is constantly undergoing change.

Having spent the last 60 years of providing individual skin solutions for Australian women and men, we’ve learned that a person’s skin conditions is the determining factor when it comes to achieving radiant skin.

We’ve also learned that many people simply don’t know their skin conditions – and for this reason, they struggle to find the right skincare products.

That's why we always offer a free skin diagnosis to help you understand your skin and ensure this product is right for you.

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